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Senior Care of Texas

Senior Care of Texas was founded in 1990 and has been serving seniors ever since. Through education and wisdom, we help seniors with a complete understanding of how insurance works and not just selling products. We treat all clients as though they were our family members.

Founded years ago for a simple reason, many times individuals are sold products that either did not fit their needs, instead it fit the sales person's financial needs.

We wanted to be different. We find our clients products that fit their needs and their particular situation without concerns for financial compensations.

Our representatives allow God to manage everything that we do. Our belief is simple. If you give everything to God then you will always receive the right answers for every situation.

God manages everything within our company, from the products that we use to the insurance companies we suggest to our clients.

Please allow God to manage your life and you will find that he will always give you the right answer no matter what. More about us

Other Services

Senior Care of Texas provides many services besides the sale of Insurance and annuities. Everything from reviewing insurance policies for the public then providing them with the information about there policy. Not as someone selling them insurance or an annuity, But as a true and honest evaluation about the policy you may currently own. If it is an up to date life insuracne or if it is an annuity that mabybe does not provide the protection that your are seeking. You as the consumer are paying for these services and should know exactly what you own.

Senior Care of Texas and it's representatives also work with individuals seeking assistance with various State and Government programs while directing them to the right agency to receive the assistance they are seeking for programs such as QI1, and QMB.

Assistance is provided to individuals with lower income and limited means. We direct you to the right agency to apply, However we are not the deciding party.

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Please do not contact our office and request we simply refer you to the right agency.

Medicare 101

Find out the latest news and changes to Medicare and how you may be effected in the future. Medicare has changed over the years to where it has became confusing to most people. Choosing the right plan can save you thousands of dollars, More...



Are you losing money when the market goes down. Find out why you should NEVER lose any money again when the market declines.

Who's really making money and what others are afraid to tell you about your money and how they really profit from you, More...


Life Insurance

Life Insurance can be very confusing. Most people assume they know what they own. To find later that what they purchased was not what they had assumed it was.

Most people do not understand how Life Insurance works for more information please click here...


Financial Advisors

Is someone else getting rich at your expense? You should never lose money due to the market declining? Why do others profit on your losses? Products are available that provide protection against market declines, but they are not mentioned to you. Why is this click here...



Senior Care of Texas BBB Business Review

Senior Care of Texas is a member of the BBB it is for only one reason. People believe that the BBB is a great service.

The BBB threatened not to accredit us because of one statement on our website, That we allow GOD to manage everything and encourage others as well. To read the emails from the BBB click here...

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